I’m Helena Kotala, a writer and outdoor adventurer based in Central Pennsylvania.


I grew up here. I’ve loved the outdoors all my life — paddling, cycling, hiking, camping, rock climbing, traveling, you name it. I spent almost a year in Europe and a summer each in Denali National Park, Alaska, and the Japanese Alps, as well as lots of smaller trips during my college years. Then I decided that although I love to travel, I also really love coming home to Central PA. So I committed to making it home for now.

At the moment, biking is my main means of exploration and adventure. But I also trail run, hike, cross-country ski, rock climb and paddle.

I’m currently the web editor of Dirt Rag and Bicycle Times magazines.  Previously, I freelanced for Singletracks.com and my work has appeared in several other local publications.

I’m really not sure where I’m going, I’m just trying to enjoy the journey.


Man & dog.


12 Replies to “About”

  1. I just started following your blog!! I can relate, I broke my elbow last summer while hiking with my husband at North Park. Unfortunately I just broke my shoulder on the 4th of July while cycling with my hubby 😦
    Like you my husband is an outdoor enthusiast and I try to tag along a bit! He has a blog and writes about all his adventures in skiing & cycling etc. I look forward to reading your blog as well! I am trying to get fit and enjoy the journey but these set backs are no fun. It does make one appreciate all the healthy feeling good day’s and look forward to seeing them again, soon I hope!
    Take Care and God Bless


  2. Thanks for following my blog and giving me a glimpse into yours! I love your tiny little cabin. I’ve worked on many farms, chased many chickens, and kept many a garden but for a while now my feet haven’t touched down long enough to focus on all that self sufficiency stuff. Such is life, I suppose. Cheers on a striking a balance between finding home and adventure.


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