Florescent forest.

Despite a dry summer, Pennsylvania has really been delivering on the fall foliage this year. Maybe it's just me, and I'm just outside and noticing it more, but it actually seems like this has been one of the best years for autumn colors in a while. Earlier this week,Β in Coopers Gap, I was simply in … Continue reading Florescent forest.

Fox tail.

Summer evenings are my favorite. The heat fades, the sun becomes less intense, and, my favorite piece of all, it's light until 9pm (or later, around the solstice). I love daylight. When I was in Alaska in the summer and it was light almost all the time, it was heaven. I know they make lights … Continue reading Fox tail.

One of those really great mountain bike rides.

It's been a little while since I've had a really great longΒ mountain bike ride. The kind of ride that beats you up but makes you giddy with laughter, the kind that makes your legs burn but your body and soul feel alive, the kind that leaves you feeling exhausted yet truly satisfied and happy. Today … Continue reading One of those really great mountain bike rides.

Returning to Coopers Gap.

The weather was perfect. One of those days that still carries the warmth of summer but hints at the crisp coolness of fall. The sun shone through the leaves, illuminating the hues of red and yellow that were just beginning to color the forest with the sure signs of an impending autumn. We pulled off … Continue reading Returning to Coopers Gap.

A return to the love of mountain biking.

As a preteen to young teenager (about ages 11-14), I went through an intense mountain biking phase. I biked nearly every day, having fun pushing myself to get better and better. I got into racing for a while, which resulted in several medals that are still hanging somewhere in my old room at my parents … Continue reading A return to the love of mountain biking.