Bikepacking Rothrock State Forest & Big Valley.

Though I don't do it nearly as often as I'd like, every time I leave on a bicycle with everything I'll need to spend the night packed in my panniers, I just have this good feeling of excitement and adventure and utter peace all at once. A couple weekends ago, I went on my first … Continue reading Bikepacking Rothrock State Forest & Big Valley.

Pike 2 Bike — Riding the Abandoned PA Turnpike.

I have a certain love for exploring abandoned man-made things. I think they are fascinating---rusty metal, crumbling concrete, smashed windows. The ruin, the decay, and most importantly, nature once again taking over. One of the coolest "abandoned stuff" experiences I've had occurred yesterday, when my friend Jeff and I rode our bikes along a section … Continue reading Pike 2 Bike — Riding the Abandoned PA Turnpike.

The moment when the sun shines through.

It began in frustration, perhaps even a tiny bit of anger. Mostly at myself, for things undone, feelings unjustified. I pedaled out of town, determined not to come back until I felt better, until the burning of my thighs and the pounding of my lungs and the wind upon my face had fixed whatever it … Continue reading The moment when the sun shines through.


We were supposed to be on vacation this week. We were supposed to load up bikes with touring gear and hit the road, going somewhere we'd never been, exploring unfamiliar territory. First the plan was somewhere in West Virginia, then northern Pennsylvania's Elk Country, then the burning ghost-town of Centralia, a place we have both … Continue reading Staycation.

The Triple Header.

Triple-header (n) :Β three games played one after another on the same day In the case of two weekends ago, this meant 12 miles of hiking, 14 miles of paddling, and 24 miles of biking, all within 12 hours of daylight. This adventure was to take place around the area of Delaware Water Gap, on the … Continue reading The Triple Header.

Sweat, cows, and barking dogs.

Steam rose from the pavement, the short summer shower doing nothing to quell the intense heat in the air. I rode out of town, each pedal stroke pushing out bits of frustration and doubt that had been plaguing me for days. Every part of me was grateful to be on a bike---my legs felt strong, … Continue reading Sweat, cows, and barking dogs.

Going places on bicycles.

I woke up with a smile, still basking in the happiness of my college graduation the night before, and excitedly anticipating what the weekend would bring. My first bike touring trip. After a breakfast of salmon and cheese on rolls and chocolate chip muffins, and the gathering and packing of gear, we were off. The … Continue reading Going places on bicycles.