Florescent forest.

Despite a dry summer, Pennsylvania has really been delivering on the fall foliage this year. Maybe it's just me, and I'm just outside and noticing it more, but it actually seems like this has been one of the best years for autumn colors in a while. Earlier this week, in Coopers Gap, I was simply in … Continue reading Florescent forest.

To Shingletown and back.

Evan and I have Wednesdays off together now. This means long bike rides. We finally got another set of hubs for the Powderkeg tandem. Hopefully, the new Chris Kings will solve the issues we've been having with the rear hub getting torn apart by the amount of force that we put on that bike. We've gone through … Continue reading To Shingletown and back.

two wheels, one paddle.

Evan and I are the featured artists this month at the Huntingdon County Arts Council gallery, The Art Space. We are displaying our photography and my writing. Much of the work on display has been featured here on my blog, but it's been really neat to see it all hanging on the walls in one … Continue reading two wheels, one paddle.

Bicycle commuting.

I remember when it used to be a big deal. It wasn't so long ago that riding the 15 miles to work seemed like it warranted a lot of extra effort---waking up earlier, packing extra clothes, making sure to allow enough lee time in case of a flat or dead legs. Then when I got … Continue reading Bicycle commuting.

Sunshine and skinny tires.

Sunday was the first really warm day of the season, with temps souring into the 50s and barely a cloud in the sky to boot. Luckily, it was also my day off. Trails and wooded areas were still pretty well packed in with snow and ice, so it was a fitting occasion to break out … Continue reading Sunshine and skinny tires.

Frozen Fat, Day 1: Fires and Fries.

January can be kind of gloomy. The holidays are over, there's not much going on, the days are short, and the temps are generally pretty frigid. Luckily, there's Frozen Fat, a winter fat-bike weekend full of camping, beer, bonfires, good people, and of course, plenty of riding bikes. This is the fourth year of the … Continue reading Frozen Fat, Day 1: Fires and Fries.

Just one more small climb.

Well, we did it---the around-the-lake ride we'd been planning and anticipating for weeks. On Sunday, six of us ended up partaking in the day of grueling climbs, leaf-strewn descents, and all-around good times. It couldn't have been a better group---a fun and tight-knit bunch of like-minded individuals. For some, it was a harder ride than … Continue reading Just one more small climb.