For a while, I was convinced that I'm not a people person. Large crowds freak me out. I need plenty of alone time in my life to feel sane. A lot of people tend to sap my energy. In the extrovert/introvert scale of things, I've always pegged myself as an introvert. But to be honest,Β it's … Continue reading Therapy.

Berries, splashes, giggles.

The day was clear, sunny. Warm, but not too hot. Friends arrived just as I was finishing up my morning coffee. Brent, ready to go as usual, in all his cycling garb. Jake, still clad in the flannel that he slept in, the alpacas running down the hill to greet this strange-looking, long-bearded, plaid creature. … Continue reading Berries, splashes, giggles.

A fat-tire’d, mud-slingin’, rock-skippin’ Sunday.

Lately, the world of mountain biking for those of us living in the vicinity of Raystown Lake has changed a bit. This fall, the Army Corps of Engineers is drawing down the level of the lake more than twice the usual seasonal 2-3 feet in order to perform shoreline maintenance. For those of us with … Continue reading A fat-tire’d, mud-slingin’, rock-skippin’ Sunday.