Powder day.

This past weekend, "Winter Storm Jonas" dumped almost 2 feet of snow on us. This meant the end of singletrack riding for a little while (or until we get some trails packed in) and the dawn of the age of snowmobile trail riding. Luckily, there are a number of options, and since the snowfall came … Continue reading Powder day.

A soggy day at Greenwood.

Greenwood Furnace State Park is 7 miles from our house. The park offers a network of trails which were originally designed for cross-country skiing (though most of them seem terrible for that activity), but have more latelyΒ fallen victim to neglect, as skiers are few and far between and there was never much of a push … Continue reading A soggy day at Greenwood.

Spring in December.

The past couple of days have been unusually warm, with temps rising into the 50s, and sunny skies to boot. And, lucky for me, I had a rare Saturday off due to the holidays. I took full advantage of this fortuitous combination of events and broke out the Willard for some back-road and gravel exploration. … Continue reading Spring in December.

Hawkwatch to Greenwood.

For a while now, ever since we moved into our new house, Evan and I had been talking about hiking a stretch of theΒ Standing Stone Trail (SST) on Stone Mountain, the ridge we look at every day from our porch. The section of trail we'd been discussing starts at a hawk watch just off the … Continue reading Hawkwatch to Greenwood.

One of those really great mountain bike rides.

It's been a little while since I've had a really great longΒ mountain bike ride. The kind of ride that beats you up but makes you giddy with laughter, the kind that makes your legs burn but your body and soul feel alive, the kind that leaves you feeling exhausted yet truly satisfied and happy. Today … Continue reading One of those really great mountain bike rides.