Juniata River Sojourn 2015.

Following last year's unexpected weather events and resulting lake paddle instead of the planned river paddle, I think everyone was pretty excited to get back to moving water for the Juniata River Sojourn this year. It was time for the Frankstown Branch on the 3-year rotation cycle, though there were some changes to the previous … Continue reading Juniata River Sojourn 2015.

Cleanin’ up.

CanoesΒ full of old tires, rusty metal, and garbage bags full of bottles and cans were not an uncommon sight on the Juniata River last Sunday, asΒ 55 volunteers of all ages and backgrounds floated down 6 miles of river as part of the 2nd Annual Juniata River Cleanup, hosted by Keep Huntingdon County Beautiful and Rothrock … Continue reading Cleanin’ up.

The moment when the sun shines through.

It began in frustration, perhaps even a tiny bit of anger. Mostly at myself, for things undone, feelings unjustified. I pedaled out of town, determined not to come back until I felt better, until the burning of my thighs and the pounding of my lungs and the wind upon my face had fixed whatever it … Continue reading The moment when the sun shines through.

Jackson Kayak stand-up paddleboards.

Last week, the shop got in some new paddleboards from Jackson Kayak, and a few days ago after work one evening, a small group of us took the opportunity to try them out on the Juniata River. A relatively short stretch of river from the Warrior Ridge Dam to Huntingdon is a favorite for evening … Continue reading Jackson Kayak stand-up paddleboards.


Following in the tradition of last year, on this particular Sunday, which is to us just a Sunday like any other, Evan and I headed outside for a day on the water and in the woods, paddleboarding from the Petersburg hydroelectric dam to the 4th Street Bridge in Huntingdon (which is conveniently located behind the … Continue reading Easter.

Misty morning.

I love getting up early. I'm not so fond of extracting myself from warm covers on a chilly morning, but once I'm up, out of bed, dressed, and moving, I thoroughly enjoy the sunrise hours. Especially those that are spent outside, in the woods or on the water. 6am today meant up and at 'em, … Continue reading Misty morning.