Following in the tradition of last year, on this particular Sunday, which is to us just a Sunday like any other, Evan and I headed outside for a day on the water and in the woods, paddleboarding from the Petersburg hydroelectric dam to the 4th Street Bridge in Huntingdon (which is conveniently located behind the … Continue reading Easter.

Teens with saws.

There is nothing that makes me feel more socially awkward than standing around in a group of high school students. Though it wasn’t all that long ago that my mid-20’s self was in their shoes, I now find myself feeling like I’m unable to relate, and my usual fun-loving and personable self seems to shut … Continue reading Teens with saws.

The woods and the waters and the people that make a home.

It's hot as hell again. Not even a slight breeze to offer some relief from the sweltering, humidity-laced heat that hangs in the air. I don't think I have stopped sweating since I left the air-conditioned hotel room in Kyoto yesterday morning. I sit here at my computer, my damp fingers on the keys, trying … Continue reading The woods and the waters and the people that make a home.

Sweat, cows, and barking dogs.

Steam rose from the pavement, the short summer shower doing nothing to quell the intense heat in the air. I rode out of town, each pedal stroke pushing out bits of frustration and doubt that had been plaguing me for days. Every part of me was grateful to be on a bike---my legs felt strong, … Continue reading Sweat, cows, and barking dogs.