Florescent forest.

Despite a dry summer, Pennsylvania has really been delivering on the fall foliage this year. Maybe it's just me, and I'm just outside and noticing it more, but it actually seems like this has been one of the best years for autumn colors in a while. Earlier this week,Β in Coopers Gap, I was simply in … Continue reading Florescent forest.

The Triple Header.

Triple-header (n) :Β three games played one after another on the same day In the case of two weekends ago, this meant 12 miles of hiking, 14 miles of paddling, and 24 miles of biking, all within 12 hours of daylight. This adventure was to take place around the area of Delaware Water Gap, on the … Continue reading The Triple Header.

The length of the lake, and a little bit more.

Last week, knowing that we both had off on Friday and that we were both in need of an all-day outdoor adventure, Evan and I had a very brief conversation that ended with the decision that we would paddle the entire length of the 30-mile-long Raystown Lake. And so, we woke up just before 5am, … Continue reading The length of the lake, and a little bit more.

The last day of summer.

A ghostly mist hung in the forest as I stepped outside into the cool, early hours of the day. Watched by a sleepy dog, I performed the morning ritual, grinding coffee beans and boiling water for that necessary start to my day. But this morning, there will be none of the usual mulling over a … Continue reading The last day of summer.