Leaves and woodsmoke.

It’s that time of year. Mornings are chilly, and smell like leaves and woodsmoke. I can see my breath as I sip coffee on the porch, hands and feet numbing in the cold air but myself unable to step back inside. It is too crisp and beautiful, and that smell of leaves and woodsmoke—it’s my favorite smell in the world.

Days are still warm—surprisingly so. Even though I know this fact, I still find myself overdressing on almost a daily basis. But by night, it quickly grows cold again. Layers are a necessity. Hat season is back — which is always convenient when it’s been a while since I washed my hair.

It's also walnut season!
It’s also walnut season!

The leaves right now are beautiful. Every fall, I am once again impressed by the vibrant colors of Pennsylvania. Autumn here is my favorite, and it’s one of the things I’ve missed most at times when I’ve been gone during this season. It’s pretty neat that this enthusiasm about colorful trees and cool mornings continues to return year after year. It’s one of the many things that lets me know that I’m in the right place.

Back roads near home.
Back roads near home.
Orange. Hesston, PA.
Orange. Hesston, PA.
Morning walk.
Morning walk in Martin Gap.

We tested our heat in the new house a few evenings ago — it works, and we have a full tank of oil going into the cold season. This winter will surely be more comfortable than last, and while the cabin experience was certainly an adventure, it will be nice to come home to warmth this year — especially after a bicycle commute home, which Evan and I have both been trying to do more regularly.

It gets dark earlier now too... and the moon has been magnificent.
It gets dark earlier now… and the moon has been magnificent.

2014-09-29 17.05.52 (1)

It’s been a great fall so far. September seemed to fly by, but October is passing more slowly, in a good way. The kind of way that lets you know you are relishing every day of crisp mornings and cloudless skies, and even the gloomy, rainy ones as well. My favorite season is here again, and I’m loving it.


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