Birthday miles.

I turned 27 on Monday, celebrating another year around the sun with a long bike ride, food and beer baby, and a movie in bed before falling asleep just after dark. I've always liked my birthday, but not in some sort of narcissistic look-at-me-and-how-great-I-am sort of way. I just like the time of year during … Continue reading Birthday miles.

To paddle or not to paddle…

Outside, giant, wet flakes fall from the sky. The wind gusts, blowing the snow sideways. Pulling on a suit of neoprene that is perhaps still wet from yesterday's river adventures is anything but appealing. In fact, all I really feel like doing is curling up under the blankets with a good book or my laptop, … Continue reading To paddle or not to paddle…

Trough Creek Double Day.

It’s dawn on the ridge. The sky casts an orangey hue over the recently-exposed leafy ground, ground that has been hidden by ever-thickening layers of snow for the past couple weeks---until this weekend, when temperatures climbed into the 50s and the rain washed all signs of winter away. Down the hill, on our lane, canoes … Continue reading Trough Creek Double Day.

A couple hours on Trough Creek.

When it comes to paddling in Central Pennsylvania, Trough Creek (aka Great Trough Creek) is undoubtedly one of my favorite spots. Nestled in a forested, rocky gorge, the class II-III run offers just enough whitewater to be fun without being too nerve-wracking. But it's an illusive gem, only runnable at high water after a heavy … Continue reading A couple hours on Trough Creek.