Raindrops on foggy glasses.

It was dreary and drizzly all day. Chilly, too. One of those days that reminds you that fall is not all crisp and clear and sunny. Sometimes it is wet and bone-chilling. I originally planned to ride home from work. But the day was colder than anticipated. And I didn't know it was supposed to … Continue reading Raindrops on foggy glasses.

two wheels, one paddle.

Evan and I are the featured artists this month at the Huntingdon County Arts Council gallery, The Art Space. We are displaying our photography and my writing. Much of the work on display has been featured here on my blog, but it's been really neat to see it all hanging on the walls in one … Continue reading two wheels, one paddle.

Bicycle commuting.

I remember when it used to be a big deal. It wasn't so long ago that riding the 15 miles to work seemed like it warranted a lot of extra effort---waking up earlier, packing extra clothes, making sure to allow enough lee time in case of a flat or dead legs. Then when I got … Continue reading Bicycle commuting.

Sunshine and skinny tires.

Sunday was the first really warm day of the season, with temps souring into the 50s and barely a cloud in the sky to boot. Luckily, it was also my day off. Trails and wooded areas were still pretty well packed in with snow and ice, so it was a fitting occasion to break out … Continue reading Sunshine and skinny tires.

Riding on Standing Stone Creek.

It's been a cold winter. It started out rather mild, with daysΒ in the 50s through December, but the past month or so has been brutally chilly. There have beenΒ plenty of days with highs in the single digits, and it's been regularly dipping below zero at night. The snow is also just deep enough and just … Continue reading Riding on Standing Stone Creek.

The moment when the sun shines through.

It began in frustration, perhaps even a tiny bit of anger. Mostly at myself, for things undone, feelings unjustified. I pedaled out of town, determined not to come back until I felt better, until the burning of my thighs and the pounding of my lungs and the wind upon my face had fixed whatever it … Continue reading The moment when the sun shines through.


We were supposed to be on vacation this week. We were supposed to load up bikes with touring gear and hit the road, going somewhere we'd never been, exploring unfamiliar territory. First the plan was somewhere in West Virginia, then northern Pennsylvania's Elk Country, then the burning ghost-town of Centralia, a place we have both … Continue reading Staycation.

Misty morning.

I love getting up early. I'm not so fond of extracting myself from warm covers on a chilly morning, but once I'm up, out of bed, dressed, and moving, I thoroughly enjoy the sunrise hours. Especially those that are spent outside, in the woods or on the water. 6am today meant up and at 'em, … Continue reading Misty morning.