two wheels, one paddle.

Evan and I are the featured artists this month at the Huntingdon County Arts Council gallery, The Art Space. We are displaying our photography and my writing. Much of the work on display has been featured here on my blog, but it’s been really neat to see it all hanging on the walls in one place.

We held our artists reception last night, and it was wonderful! We got some really positive feedback, and had a lot of people tell me that they’d love to get out and do some of the things we do, which was really great to hear. I saw so many people who I haven’t seen in a long time—college friends, college professors, friends from where I grew up, my parents and a lot of their friends. We had a great turnout, and I’m super pleased with how the reception went and how our show fell together. I spent too many hours staring at the wall, figuring out how to arrange things, but in the end, I am totally satisfied.

Thank you to Evan for putting up with me being stressed out all week about hanging the show, and for doing the public speaking at the opening, which I dread oh so much. To Erica for facilitating our being there in the first place. To Paula for making delicious food. And to everyone who came for the enormous outpouring of support which we received.

Praise from my college English teacher.

Our show will be on display at The Art Space until July 28th. Huntingdon friends—check it out.


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