Powder day.

This past weekend, "Winter Storm Jonas" dumped almost 2 feet of snow on us. This meant the end of singletrack riding for a little while (or until we get some trails packed in) and the dawn of the age of snowmobile trail riding. Luckily, there are a number of options, and since the snowfall came … Continue reading Powder day.

Sleeping outside.

I woke up at dawn, on the ground in a sleeping bag, the warm down surrounding me like a fluffy cloud, the trees reaching for the sky above, the first rays of sun glinting through the branches. The evening before had seen the thrill of flying through the darkness on a bike, the peacefulness of … Continue reading Sleeping outside.

A soggy day at Greenwood.

Greenwood Furnace State Park is 7 miles from our house. The park offers a network of trails which were originally designed for cross-country skiing (though most of them seem terrible for that activity), but have more latelyΒ fallen victim to neglect, as skiers are few and far between and there was never much of a push … Continue reading A soggy day at Greenwood.

In the spirit of exploration.

Fall is just about here. My favorite season, for so many reasons---the crisp air and clear skies, warm days and cool nights, the turning of the leaves, and, probably most importantly, the end of the busiest season for those of us in the business of outdoor recreation. Fall means I get to go on adventures … Continue reading In the spirit of exploration.

Berries, splashes, giggles.

The day was clear, sunny. Warm, but not too hot. Friends arrived just as I was finishing up my morning coffee. Brent, ready to go as usual, in all his cycling garb. Jake, still clad in the flannel that he slept in, the alpacas running down the hill to greet this strange-looking, long-bearded, plaid creature. … Continue reading Berries, splashes, giggles.

If you can ride in this, you can ride in anything.

That's what Evan said right before giving me a quick surprise kiss at the trailhead, immediately following a miserably soggy commute from his parents house to the snowy woods that we were so excited to ride. It was still snowing---wet, slushy flakes that turned the highways into a nasty stew of water, salt, and road … Continue reading If you can ride in this, you can ride in anything.

One of those really great mountain bike rides.

It's been a little while since I've had a really great longΒ mountain bike ride. The kind of ride that beats you up but makes you giddy with laughter, the kind that makes your legs burn but your body and soul feel alive, the kind that leaves you feeling exhausted yet truly satisfied and happy. Today … Continue reading One of those really great mountain bike rides.