Frozen world.

We've had a streak of extra cold temps lately, with daytime highs in the 10-15 degree Fahrenheit range and lows at night regularly dipping below zero. In fact, I can't remember the last time it was above freezing. Before Christmas, I guess. When it comes to getting outside for my usual outdoor activities, the uber-freezing... Continue Reading →

Riding on Standing Stone Creek.

It's been a cold winter. It started out rather mild, with days in the 50s through December, but the past month or so has been brutally chilly. There have been plenty of days with highs in the single digits, and it's been regularly dipping below zero at night. The snow is also just deep enough and just... Continue Reading →

Riding on ice.

In the past year since I tried a fat bike for the first time, my definition of mountain biking has been completely redefined, and my conceptions of what can be done on a bicycle have been reshaped time and time again. I've gone places I never would have thought to go---in the snow, along the... Continue Reading →

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