A couple hours on Trough Creek.

When it comes to paddling in Central Pennsylvania, Trough Creek (aka Great Trough Creek) is undoubtedly one of my favorite spots. Nestled in a forested, rocky gorge, the class II-III run offers just enough whitewater to be fun without being too nerve-wracking. But it's an illusive gem, only runnable at high water after a heavy … Continue reading A couple hours on Trough Creek.

The length of the lake, and a little bit more.

Last week, knowing that we both had off on Friday and that we were both in need of an all-day outdoor adventure, Evan and I had a very brief conversation that ended with the decision that we would paddle the entire length of the 30-mile-long Raystown Lake. And so, we woke up just before 5am, … Continue reading The length of the lake, and a little bit more.

The last day of summer.

A ghostly mist hung in the forest as I stepped outside into the cool, early hours of the day. Watched by a sleepy dog, I performed the morning ritual, grinding coffee beans and boiling water for that necessary start to my day. But this morning, there will be none of the usual mulling over a … Continue reading The last day of summer.

Returning to Coopers Gap.

The weather was perfect. One of those days that still carries the warmth of summer but hints at the crisp coolness of fall. The sun shone through the leaves, illuminating the hues of red and yellow that were just beginning to color the forest with the sure signs of an impending autumn. We pulled off … Continue reading Returning to Coopers Gap.

Misty morning.

I love getting up early. I'm not so fond of extracting myself from warm covers on a chilly morning, but once I'm up, out of bed, dressed, and moving, I thoroughly enjoy the sunrise hours. Especially those that are spent outside, in the woods or on the water. 6am today meant up and at 'em, … Continue reading Misty morning.

Going places on bicycles.

I woke up with a smile, still basking in the happiness of my college graduation the night before, and excitedly anticipating what the weekend would bring. My first bike touring trip. After a breakfast of salmon and cheese on rolls and chocolate chip muffins, and the gathering and packing of gear, we were off. The … Continue reading Going places on bicycles.