I’m having one of those days when I am so unbelievably happy that I am smiling to myself for no reason whatsoever. So happy I want to laugh out loud, even though nothing is that funny. So happy I want to dance, just because. I am satisfied with the present, content to be right where I am, sitting by a lake, watching a tapestry of people walk by and the boats coming in and out of the marina, the sun just hot enough to let you know that it’s summer, hot enough that jumping in the lake after work will feel amazing. But I’m also excited about things to come. I’m excited about this evening, a sunset paddle with Evan and our friends, cooking dinner on a fire, falling asleep to the quiet of the woods, with the slight breeze rustling the leaves in the trees and cooling the air ever so slightly. I’m excited about the rest of this month, about soaking up every minute of time here, with people I love, enjoying the mountains and rivers and lakes of my home before leaving for the rest of the summer to explore new mountains on the other side of the world. And I’m excited about returning to this place, about all my hopes and dreams and life to come. It’s one of those days when my doubts seem far away, insignificant compared to the upwelling of optimism inside of me. One of those days that makes me feel so lucky to be alive, lucky to be able to share my life with the wonderful group of people that inhabit it, lucky to call home a place that allows me to be outside and do the things I love every single day. I wish that I could bottle this feeling, and unleash it during those moments when my mind gets too heavy with “I can’t”s and I get a little too down on myself and my existence. But maybe, instead, I’ll go back and read this, and remember that I have every reason in the world to be absolutely happy, to believe in myself, and to just enjoy this really amazing life that I live.

So much to love.

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