Keystone Gravel.

GRAVELDURO: "Big gravel road ride + enduro-style shredth"Β  I knew the day was going to be special when Donnie fought back tears at the riders meeting, overcome with emotion at the turnout of people for the inaugural Keystone Gravel, and, I'm sure, a sense of relief that it was all happening as planned with no … Continue reading Keystone Gravel.

Racing rookie.

I stood, slightly chilly, under the big top tent as the rain poured down outside. My heart was pounding already. My stomach was in a knot. The other ladies all stood in a group, all friends from previous races and events. Most of them raced for the same team. They were all kitted-out, matching bibs … Continue reading Racing rookie.

West Virginia bound.

Last year, my friends Tammy, Allison, Carissa, and I started a tradition of a yearly long-weekend mountain bike trip, ladies only. All of us ride with the guys all the time, which is awesome (I'm usually not really one for girls-only stuff anyway), but we thought it would be fun to do our own trip … Continue reading West Virginia bound.

Fox tail.

Summer evenings are my favorite. The heat fades, the sun becomes less intense, and, my favorite piece of all, it's light until 9pm (or later, around the solstice). I love daylight. When I was in Alaska in the summer and it was light almost all the time, it was heaven. I know they make lights … Continue reading Fox tail.


I taught Evan this word as weΒ were doing an impromptu hike along the Mid-State Trail yesterday. Basically it describes body awareness while in motion, such as knowing where to place your feet while running through rough terrain. Having good proprioception means not tripping on a rock and falling on your face. An essential skill for … Continue reading Proprioception.