Door to door.

Yesterday morning, my friends Jake and Jeff set off on a big paddling adventure—to canoe from the back door of the shop in Huntingdon to Jake’s parents house on the Chesapeake Bay.

The allotted time for the trip is 3 weeks, but they think they will be done a little sooner. They packed everything they need into their canoes, and launched in the Juniata River, which will take them to the Susquehanna, which will lead them to the Chesapeake.

They both agreed to do some posts on this blog about their journey when they get back, but until then, here’s some pictures of the morning’s preparations to launch.

Jake examines his gear.
The two canoes.
Jake’s handmade drybag backpack.
The ceremonial carry of the canoes from the back door of the shop.
Jeff’s pile o’ gear.
Houck and Tony checking out Jake’s setup.
Jake and Erica say goodbye for a little while.
Jeff packs his canoe while we all look on.
Ready to go!

I missed the actual launching of the men and their canoes on their journey because I had some other commitments to get to, but my friend Erica (aka Jake’s significant other) grabbed a few photos, and will also be posting regular updates on their progress.

Stay tuned for the trip report from Jake and Jeff!

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