Review: Advocate Watchman

I rode the Advocate Watchman fat bike the winter of 2016. It was my first bike review for and my second bike review ever. I almost bought it, but didn’t because I decided to go with a carbon fat bike (Salsa Beargrease) instead to save some weight.

Photo: Jarrod Bunk

From the review:

Over the past few months, I’ve ridden this bike in as many conditions as possible to see if the “do it all” label holds up. For myself and the kind of riding that I like, it certainly does. I love to go out and ride all day, racking up the miles on a mix of singletrack and dirt roads. I like to climb. I like the challenge of technical sections, and I’ll try a challenging rock garden a few times to see if I can get it, but I usually quickly move along down the trail rather than hang out and play. Descents are undeniably fun, but they aren’t the reason I ride. I like a bike that I feel at one with, that feels responsive but not twitchy, that softens the blow of rocks a little, but still allows me to feel the trail, a bike that will just go up, over, and through anything I have the strength to conquer, and is comfortable to ride all day, every day.

The Advocate Watchman is that bike.

Read my full review here and read more stories about our adventures together.

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