Back at it.

I miss writing.

This seems like kind of a strange and ironic statement now that I have a full-time gig at a media company and writing is actually a huge part of my job.

But what I mean is that I miss writing for myself. I miss writing the very personal, experience-based stories that are my favorite form of expression. I miss pouring my heart onto the page (or screen, I guess).

It’s not that I can’t write these types of stories for my job. I can, and I should more often.

But there always seems to be something more pressing to do, some sort of admin task or another article that I need to finish. I don’t make the time to write the kind of stories that I’m best at telling, and this is a problem.

It’s nobody’s fault but my own and my lack of poor time management skills. Or my desire to spend every moment I can outside rather than in front of a computer screen. Now that I have a “desk job” (sort of), I don’t spend nearly as much time in front of the computer doing non-work-related things. Or rather, every time I open up the laptop, I am reminded of all the work-related things that I should be doing.

Or, I start writing something, get halfway through, and convince myself that it all sounds stupid. I’m doing that now.

But I’ll post this anyway. Time to resurrect the blog.


What does sawing trees have anything to do with me writing more? Nothing. But this is what I did this evening before writing this post, so that’s something. 


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