The things that matter.

I’ll be the first to admit, I often lose sight of what’s important.

I get lost in life’s little hassles. I worry about what I can’t control, and I spend hours stressing before finally taking action on the things I can. I blow minor roadblocks out of proportion. I cry about money. I get angry about things that won’t matter tomorrow, or sometimes even in an hour. I focus on the few negatives, and ignore the long list of positives in my life.

I do all this instead of enjoying every minute of every day, instead of being continually grateful for all that I have. For the wonderful man I share my life with and the great friends who are there through the good times and the bad. For the jobs that I love and the opportunities I’ve had to further my dreams. For the ability to live in a place as beautiful as Central Pennsylvania.

It’s nature that brings me back into perspective. After all, how can I be upset about anything while I’m sitting in a hammock, looking up at the bright green leaves of summer, on the land that is our own. Or flying through the woods on a mountain bike. Or floating down the peaceful river, where all that matters is each paddle stroke in the water.

It’s nature that has gotten me through so many hard times in my life, that continually heals my soul and eases my mind of worry, that helps me forget about my petty cares, and that reminds me of the things that matter.

And for this, I am thankful.


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