The Zephyr.

It belonged to my friend Jeff. I first paddled it about 6 years ago, and I fell in love. It fit me perfectly. Sitting in a hole and surfing, it felt right. “It likes hips,” said Jeff, alluding to the fact that the boat fit me better than it did him.

Me + Zephyr, circa 2008.
Me + the Esquif Zephyr, circa 2008.

But at the time, I was a kayaker, not a canoeist. I already had a whitewater boat. And Jeff wasn’t selling anyway.

Fast forward to last fall. I had been getting more into open boating. Coincidentally, Jeff also wanted to sell his Zephyr. He had a lot of other canoes that got more use. But at the time, I wasn’t in a financial place to shell out the cash. Luckily, the boat went to our mutual friend Adam, with the stipulation that I could borrow it if he wasn’t paddling it, and that if he ever wanted to sell it, I’d get first dibs.

That day arrived. Adam wanted to sell the Zephyr, and offered it to me. This time around, I could say yes.

And so, last night, I picked up the boat I have wanted for years. Now, I just need to go paddle it — again.




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