Review: Framed Marquette

The Framed Marquette was my entry into 27+ mountain bikes and the bike that told me that I’d definitely need a plus bike in my quiver. I rode it for most of the summer in 2016, including during my first mountain bike race in over 10 years.

“Despite a couple small issues, I found the Framed Marquette to be a really fun bike that is an excellent option for a budget-conscious mountain biker who still wants and needs a decent build to shred on. It’s a good option for beginners because of its affordability and the confidence-inspiring plus tires, but it could find its place with much more advanced riders as well–especially those who want to add a plus hardtail to the fleet but don’t want to shell out a lot of dough. I thought this bike was extremely capable for everything that I ride on a regular basis, from flow trail to never-ending rock gardens to gravel climbs and hair-raising descents. I’d say it’s a “jack of all trades” bike–perhaps not the best at anything, but certainly good for many different types of riding.”

Read the full review here, and check out more of my Marquette-powered adventures.

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