Frozen world.

We've had a streak of extra cold temps lately, with daytime highs in the 10-15 degree Fahrenheit range and lows at night regularly dipping below zero. In fact, I can't remember the last time it was above freezing. Before Christmas, I guess. When it comes to getting outside for my usual outdoor activities, the uber-freezing... Continue Reading →

Defying my weaknesses.

Riding my bike is my best attempt to defy my weaknesses. This thought popped into my head one morning earlier this summer as I was enjoying a solo "ride before the ride" on the Allegrippis Trails. Later, I'd be meeting up with some friends for what I knew would be a pretty casual roll, so... Continue Reading →

Late summer evenings.

It's becoming more apparent that fall is on its way. The katydids are calling. A few leaves have fallen. Days are noticeably shortening, to the point where last night I was surprised to be ending our ride in darkness. But we soak up the last of the summer, the beginning of the end of evening rides... Continue Reading →

Trail Mix.

I woke up at 5:30 simply so that I would be awake long enough that I'd want to eat before leaving the house. The thought of eating right after waking up is repulsive. I'm going to go ride my bike for a while today. 36 miles to be exact, mostly on trail. Rocky trail. I'm... Continue Reading →

Birthday miles.

I turned 27 on Monday, celebrating another year around the sun with a long bike ride, food and beer baby, and a movie in bed before falling asleep just after dark. I've always liked my birthday, but not in some sort of narcissistic look-at-me-and-how-great-I-am sort of way. I just like the time of year during... Continue Reading →

Adventure: It’s what you make it.

I think today more than ever, it’s easy to get caught up in the belief that our own lives are mundane. The internet constantly throws articles about traveling to far-off lands in our faces. Instagram makes it easier than ever to see a lot of beautiful people doing amazing things. Every single day, our news feeds are... Continue Reading →

Reset button.

When I am mentally tired and not functioning properly, a good ride can set it all straight again. Riding bikes is like a reset button for my brain and my soul. And no matter how many other things I “should” be doing, I never, ever regret going on that ride. Read the full version of... Continue Reading →

Snow on the shore.

I find snow to be very comforting. Somehow, when the desolate winter world is suddenly encased in white, it seems a lot less barren and lonely. The night looks a little brighter. Everything feels softer. The sensation of delicate snowflakes hitting my face. The satisfaction of creating the first tracks in fresh powder, whether is... Continue Reading →

#GFBD2016 aka My Mexican Birthday.

You know it was a good day when it ends with 11 of your friends plus all the waitstaff at the Mexican restaurant singing Feliz Cumpleanos while you wear a sombrero and drink tequila because your husband told the waiter that it was your birthday when it's really not. That ending is even better when... Continue Reading →

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