Birthday miles.

I turned 27 on Monday, celebrating another year around the sun with a long bike ride, food and beer baby, and a movie in bed before falling asleep just after dark. I've always liked my birthday, but not in some sort of narcissistic look-at-me-and-how-great-I-am sort of way. I just like the time of year during … Continue reading Birthday miles.

Keystone Gravel.

GRAVELDURO: "Big gravel road ride + enduro-style shredth"  I knew the day was going to be special when Donnie fought back tears at the riders meeting, overcome with emotion at the turnout of people for the inaugural Keystone Gravel, and, I'm sure, a sense of relief that it was all happening as planned with no … Continue reading Keystone Gravel.

Ride to the party.

This past weekend, our friend Jeff hosted his annual winter party. I had planned to ride my bike there, as it's a really nice ride that usually takes about an hour or so. Perfect. Then early last week I looked at the weather forecast. The high on Saturday was supposed to be 10 degrees. By … Continue reading Ride to the party.

Ride to Thanksgiving. 

The sun dipped low on the horizon as we pedaled out of Huntingdon and down Rt. 22. It set as we crossed the Juniata River, tossing cotton candy hues into the sky and bathing the few puffy clouds in a pink glow. The world grew darker. The first 40 or 50 miles flew by. Through … Continue reading Ride to Thanksgiving. 

To ride 200 miles.

In three weeks, Evan and I plan to ride our tandem from our house to his parents house for Thanksgiving. It's about 200 miles away. We are going to do it in one shot. It's a tradition for him, riding down for the holidays. For the past couple of years I've been envious, but this is … Continue reading To ride 200 miles.

To Shingletown and back.

Evan and I have Wednesdays off together now. This means long bike rides. We finally got another set of hubs for the Powderkeg tandem. Hopefully, the new Chris Kings will solve the issues we've been having with the rear hub getting torn apart by the amount of force that we put on that bike. We've gone through … Continue reading To Shingletown and back.

Raindrops on foggy glasses.

It was dreary and drizzly all day. Chilly, too. One of those days that reminds you that fall is not all crisp and clear and sunny. Sometimes it is wet and bone-chilling. I originally planned to ride home from work. But the day was colder than anticipated. And I didn't know it was supposed to … Continue reading Raindrops on foggy glasses.

Bicycle commuting.

I remember when it used to be a big deal. It wasn't so long ago that riding the 15 miles to work seemed like it warranted a lot of extra effort---waking up earlier, packing extra clothes, making sure to allow enough lee time in case of a flat or dead legs. Then when I got … Continue reading Bicycle commuting.