Earning breakfast.

This morning, I gave up my day to sleep in to meet my friend Marci for an early bike ride. Coffee mugs in hand, music in the background, we drove the quick commute to her parents house, where we would begin our ride. The plan was to ride from their place in Williamsburg to a cafe in the next town over, a distance of about 14 miles, and then ride back.

The day began slightly chilly and cloudy, a bit of mist still hanging in the micro-valleys, the sun struggling to peek out. We pedaled along the country road, corn and silos rising up all around. Every now and then, we’d be passed by a car, but it was still quiet on this Saturday morning.





The road was rolling, each little uphill rewarded with a coast downhill. We rode at a leisurely pace, Marci commenting every now and then on a house or a gravel lane, telling stories of her youth spent here. We passed through several small villages, and many dairy farms. Cows turned to watch us as we rode by, occasionally mooing. Sometimes I mooed back.

A little after 8am, traffic increased, my stomach growled with hunger, and we entered the town of Martinsburg, parking our bikes in back of Mamie’s Cafe.

One sinfully delicious doughnut and an enormous veggie-filled omelet later, we were on the road again, headed back to Williamsburg via a slightly different route, discovering unexplored roads.

The Saturday morning bike-to-breakfast is a good tradition. I think we’ll do this more often.




Rural Central Pennsylvania.


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